While we continue to push programs through the corporate buying offices, we realize the importance of meeting with some of the larger hardware retailers on their turf.  We began an initiative this year that will get us in the door of the top 50 Ace and True Value members/affiliates.  Developing the relationships at the dealer/retailer level will improve our ability to leverage warehouse programs, introduce new suppliers and book booth appointments at the Co-Op shows.  On our list to visit with this Spring and Summer are:

  • Family Farm and Home
  • Westlake Ace
  • Wilco
  • McCoy’s

Store Reset

Jon Duesing spent a few weeks doing 24’ Store Resets for Koch at 17 of the Big R hardware stores in the Illinois/Indiana region.  The task was a challenge, working with a variety of products including metal chain, wire, rope, twine and clips. The end results are pictured below.